Welcome to QML (UK) Ltd.

Question: What’s ‘heavy’?

Answer: Anything our customers perceive as heavy.

It may be a safe that a school or jewelers may not be able to move themselves due to lack of specific training or H&S guidelines.

It could be a lathe or milling machine through to a large boiler or land-based drilling rig that requires specialist expertise and logistical management to relocate it.

Whatever it is, large or small—we can move it for you!

QML (UK) Ltd is a company that prides itself in the quality of its work.  We have been given the opportunity to work in many areas of industry with amongst others, Sermatech, ATI, Magellan, Verdict Aerospace, BAE and Rolls Royce—giving each client our very best attention at all times.

We have handled budgets from £100 to £400,000, varying from 1/2 ton safes to 600 ton boilers and from office chairs to a BP land-based drilling rig.

We pride ourselves in working quickly, safely and quietly, playing our part in keeping production on schedule by causing minimum disruption.  Of course every job is different and presents it’s own unique challenge; however, we will identify each problem as it arises and resolve it in a swift and effective manner keeping you informed at all times.

We move anything heavy!